Where We Left Off With The Very Luxe Billions

Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME.
Most of premium cable’s best series are incomprehensible minefields because they’re sci-fi and fantasy extravaganzas. It takes most people at least a full season to understand the names of everyone on Game Of Thrones, let alone the reasons for their infinite feuds. Westworld was specifically crafted to confuse viewers. Outlander is built on a group of magical stones.
But, Showtime’s Billions is confounding for an entirely different reason: it’s a metaphorical 5D chess game played between a financial genius and an obsessive U.S. attorney that includes loopholes, double-crosses, and those titular billions of dollars. Last year’s season 2 finale, “Ball In Hand,” was all about the catastrophic fallout from a Wall Street IPO. Honestly, Billions should either come with a Hedge Fund 101 class or live annotations.
Watching Chuck Rhoades Jr. (Paul Giamatti) take down archenemy Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) over 10 months ago was as thrilling as it was confusing, and that was when fans had 11 prior weeks of short-term plot memory to back them up. Now, Billions, returning for season 3 on Sunday, March 25, has been off the airwaves for nearly a full year, and it’s easy to forget what all the fuss was about.
To help you remember exactly what’s going on with New York’s pettiest fictional power players, we put together a handy gallery to remind you where we left off with every major Billions character. Keep scrolling for the refresher course you need.
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