This Ruth Bader Ginsburg Documentary Is The Next Great Superhero Movie

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The smash-hit Sundance documentary on the notorious RBG is finally heading to theaters, and promising major inspiration.
A new trailer for RBG, the doc about the life and accomplishments of forever-planking workout queen, Supreme Court justice, and master of dissent Ruth Bader Ginsburg has dropped, and honestly, all other movies can just go home.
The new film, which hails from Magnolia Pictures, examines how the now 84-year-old Associate Justice for the Supreme Court rose to prominence — all the while smashing the patriarchy along the way.
RBG has become a pop culture icon in recent years. ("I'm 84-years-old and everyone wants to take a picture with me," Ginsburg jokes at one point in the trailer.) A champion for gender equality since her early days practicing law (she founded the Women's Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union in 1972), Ginsburg has become a beacon of hope for many, especially during an establishment that seems hellbent on limiting rights for women. (Fortunately for those who want to see the fight for gender equality move forward instead of backwards, Ginsburg is not going away anytime soon.)
The trailer shows interviews with the likes of Gloria Steinem, Nina Totenberg, and more who discuss the Supreme Court Justice's legacy. The film, however, won't just focus on RBG's public persona — it will also delve into her personal life. RBG will specifically detail the justice's sweet relationship with her late husband, Martin Ginsburg ("truly extraordinary for his generation," Ginsburg says at one moment in the film), who passed away in 2010.
Yes, you'll definitely want to bring tissues.
Of course, the movie also teases lighter moments — like clips of RBG doing more push-ups in five seconds than I have ever done in my life. Let her unfailing commitment to exercise be just another reason why she's a true inspiration — not like we needed one.
Check out the new trailer below. The film hits theaters May 4.

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