Give Dean Unglert & Nick Viall A Rose For Their Bachelor Spoof

If I was looking for witty and accurate commentary on The Bachelor finale, I have to be honest, the last people I'd ask would be Dean Unglert and Nick Viall. The two don't exactly have spotless records when it comes to the franchise, and Unglert especially has no room to talk about falling for two women at the same time. However, I'm prepared to eat my words, because this parody video created by the two men (who I guess are friends now) is the perfect summary of all the bullshit that went down these past few days, and might just be better than any Bachelor sketch Saturday Night Live has ever done.
Unglert's Arie Luyendyk Jr. impression involved donning a grey wig (shade) and constantly saying "I love Lauren" under his breath. He also nailed the way Luyendyk refused to leave during his breakup with Becca Kufrin, despite her telling him multiple times to go.
Viall's role as Kufrin and, briefly, Lauren Burnham, mostly just required him to wear luscious wigs and to stomp around crying. However, the point wasn't to make fun of the women, but to really drive home just how much of an asshat Luyendyk was. No matter what Viall's Kufrin does, Unglert-as-Luyendyk is around every corner, eating snacks and just making sure everyone is aware that he loves Lauren.
Viall has previously shaded Luyendyk, like when he wrote this poem for the season premiere:
And Unglert probably didn't take too kindly to the fact that Luyendyk was a part of the group of judges who trashed his kiss with Lesley Murphy on Winter Games.
Regardless, let's hope these parodies continue, because while The Bachelor is over, The Bachelorette is just getting started.
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