This Workout Playlist Will Remind You That Females Are Strong As Hell

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
You shouldn't have to put your International Women's Day celebrations on hold while you visit the gym. We, the listening public, have been blessed with a plethora of girl power anthems that make for ultra-motivating, confidence-boosting workout jams. And, in the name of International Women's Day (and Women's History Month as a whole) we've assembled some of our absolute favorites into one empowering playlist.
As if getting to listen to the biggest names in pop while hitting the circuit wasn't enough, a good gym playlist may enhance your overall workout, too. A 2012 study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that, in general, exercising to music boosts your body's efficiency, while a study from the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, published in 2009, linked motivational, emotionally engaging music to increased endurance.
So, whether you're powering through the last five minutes on the treadmill or mastering your deadlift, it might actually help to have Beyoncé or Sia in your earbuds cheering you on. "Run The World (Girls)" might not have been written just for you, but there's no harm in pretending for the sake of motivation, right?
Women's History Month wraps up at the end of March, but working out to kickass, women-led music is appropriate year-round. After all, couldn't your warm-up routine use the boost that only "Bitch Better Have My Money" can provide? Get ready to feel stronger, faster, and, if it's possible, like even more of a badass at the gym. Don't be surprised if you actually strut from machine to machine while listening to this playlist — all you need to complete your IWD power-look is a pair of sparkly, look-at-me leggings.
Check out the full playlist below, and, if you want more workout inspo, browse our other gym playlists here.
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