Wonder Woman & Lonely Island Could Have Saved The Oscars

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment
The biggest night in entertainment was almost so much funnier.
According to a new YouTube video posted by The Lonely Island, the comedy troupe was asked to write a song for the Oscars. Unfortunately, the song that they wrote — hilarious as it was — was also "financially and logistically impossible." That's too bad, because it would have featured Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman bemoaning her movie's lack of nominee status.
We were right there with you, girl.
The tune, an ode to the popcorn flicks of 2017 that also included It, Girls Trip, and anything involving the four famous Chrises, would have definitely shaken up Hollywood's Super Bowl. And honestly, had this song happened, it might have stopped us from snoozing off during some of the more lackluster categories. (Sorry, sound mixing! We know you're important, we're just still not entirely sure what you are!)
The Lonely Island — a.k.a. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer — shared a video with their song and storyboards from what would have been an epic musical theater number.
"We both faced death, it's true," Thor and Wonder Woman sing in unison in the video. "But at least Lady Bird got into NYU."
Another moment within the musical spectacle would have featured the Four Chrises (that's Hemsworth, Pratt, Pine, and Evans for the uninitiated) discussing their plan to score their own golden trophy.
"We'd like to petition for a new category: Best Chris," sings the foursome. "Or you could just write Chris on an Oscar and we could share it, trade off on weekends."
Tiffany Haddish would have also gotten her own operatic solo:
"I peed on a zipline... Meryl Streep has never done that!"
It will probably be a long time before the Academy Awards honor the latest Marvel movie or vacation comedy, but let's hope that the Lonely Island can make their popcorn flick spectacle work for the 2019 Oscars.

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