J Lawr Is All Of Us At A Party At The Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence isn't nominated for an Oscar tonight, which means she won't make headlines for doing something Jennifer Lawrence-ish, right? Wrong! Lawrence was photographed making her way to Meryl Streep in the Oscars auditorium. There is nothing that can prevent Lawrence from getting to Streep — she hikes up her skirt and clambers over several sets of chairs in order to chat with the Post star, all the while cradling a glass of wine. Lawrence employs the classic party technique: the awkward-but-effective beeline. (Remember the last time you desperately need to escape a party convo? Yeah, that!) See full proof of the interaction, below.
Streep and Lawrence both have the unique distinction of having been mentioned in Harvey Weinstein's attempt to dismiss a sexual misconduct lawsuit. In the countersuit, Weinstein included statements from both Streep — who once called Weinstein "God" — and Lawrence, prompting outrage from both actresses. After two seething statements from Lawrence and Streep, respectively, Weinstein apologized and claimed he'd "advised his counsel to not include specific names of former associates" in future iterations of his lawsuits. Lawrence later called Weinstein an "ass boil" for having mentioned her in the suit.
Perhaps Lawrence saw Streep and motored over to the actress with the intention of saying the following:
"Meryl! Remember that ass boil Harvey Weinstein?"
"Oh, hey, Jennifer! What a puss-filled grindylow. We shall not mention his name."
"Right. I can't believe he mentioned us in his lawsuit, like some little finger-pointing ingrown hair."
"Is an ingrown hair the same as an ass boil?"
"Sometimes, Meryl. Sometimes."
Streep is currently entertaining her 21st Academy Award nomination for The Post, a movie about Katherine Graham, the iconic Washington Post publisher. Lawrence was nominated for a Razzie for her role in Darren Aronofsky's mother!
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