Selena Gomez Maybe-Sorta Wished Justin Bieber A Happy Birthday On Instagram

March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.

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Is Selena Gomez dating Justin Bieber? The singer has yet to officially confirm! But her most recent Instagram is highly suggestive, and she should know by now that a suggestion on the internet is enough for fans to make plenty of creative assumptions. Gomez shared a photo of herself with a polaroid stuck to her forehead with the caption, "March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom."
Bieber, incidentally, was born on March 1, 1994. Bieber and Gomez have also been tip-toeing around rumors that they're dating again since late last year. The rumors have been heavily supported by photographs of the two, erm, kissing in public. Jelena is absolutely back on track after a breakup in 2014. They were just hesitant to address it in public — or on Instagram.
Gomez's Instagram, with that hinty-hinty "boom" at the end, suggests that she and Bieber have entered Instagram-official territory. The Polaroid on Gomez's head looks like it's a photo of Bieber, which would make sense, given the context. (That said, it's a tiny Polaroid, and I am not a forensics expert.)
Bieber is not tagged in the post, nor has he posted anything similar on his own page, but safe to say, Gomez's post speaks volumes, as does everything with this elusive couple. In December, a photographer asked Bieber if he planned on proposing to Gomez, and the singer just smiled knowingly. That alone was enough to fuel proposal rumors, but still, the social media feeds were unrelentingly un-relationshippy. Many thanks to Gomez for that "Boom"! It's as if she knows the weight of this post. Jelena is back on.
It's Justin's birthday, but doesn't it feel like we're the ones who were gifted?
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