Meet Melania Trump's Doppelganger According To Twitter

Photo: Phillip Faraone/WireImage.
While you may not see Melania Trump as often alongside the president, you might just think you saw her during New York Fashion Week. Twitter has been ablaze recently after rapper Lil' Kim posted a photo of herself leaving the Marc Jacobs show. At first glance, the resemblance is undoubtedly clear, and immediately all of her followers pointed out that she looked just like a certain first lady.
Of course, there are definitely some things about Lil' Kim that don't remind us of Trump, like the mermaid-green hair and purse worn around her neck, but it's pretty undeniable that there's something about both her and FLOTUS's faces that can cause even a skeptic to do a little double take.
Immediately, people jumped on the tweet.
"Yasss Melania Trump!!!" wrote a fan account.
"I love lil' Kim but she looking like Melania," another wrote.
And that's all the internet needed to kick off a full-blown conspiracy.
"What is seen cannot be unseen. Is Lil' Kim actually Melania Trump????" a Twitter user asked. "Notice how Melania is never photographed in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn."
People even took their theories to Instagram, commenting "I swear I thought that was Melania Trump but thought she looked waaayyyy too fly." Lil' Kim's response? She thought so, too.
"That’s funny because I said that 2 when I first saw it," she commented.
And to be fair, it really is just in that photo that the rapper looks like the First Lady. The rest of her Instagram isn't quite so uncanny.

@missangiemar love you girl!! @danteblandshaw you da bomb boo ? #lilkim #queenbee #beehive

A post shared by Lil' Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on

#lilkim #queenbee #beehive #bts #wmu

A post shared by Lil' Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on

Rather, this just confirms that the music icon can rock literally any look. Black, blonde, mermaid, Melania — you name it. Now if Mrs. Trump starts donning multi-colored wigs, then we'll have some more questions.
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