This Is Why Johnny Weir's Skin Looks So Good At The Winter Olympics

Photo: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images.
If you thought New York winters were bad, just take a quick trip to Pyeongchang where the bitter, 30-mph winds are freezing people's makeup to their faces. Athletes have shown their own unique ways of coping with the elements, but NBC correspondent, Johnny Weir, might be the only visitor keeping his skin in perfect form. According to his Twitter, Weir is embracing all that South Korea has to offer, including a handful of products that are keeping his complexion glowing.
Just last week, Weir posted a video of a popular K-beauty brand, Innisfree, to Twitter. His post read: "Well, if you’re just waking up, check out my InstaStory (@johnnygweir) for an oddly accented journey through my favorite skin and beauty finds here in South Korea...Example below." The spotlit product was the brand's cult Hyaluronic Acid toning serum.
It's likely you've heard about this special kind of acid before. It's found in almost any moisturizing serum worth its salt and, like Weir mentions in the video, it's "comforting, hydrating, definitely not as dangerous as it sounds." But the appeal goes far beyond the fact that the pipette makes Weir feel like a "doctress" when he's using it. It also helps his skin trap in loads of moisture so it stays plump and soft for the TV cameras.
Ok, so we have some bad news: You can't get this exact serum in the U.S. just yet. (You can peruse the rest of the brand's offerings on its U.S. site from the comfort of your couch — or at its first New York store if you're near the East Coast.) In the meantime, check out our other favorite hyaluronic acid serums, here.

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