Robinson Parties In The Living Room With Her New Video For "Nothing To Regret"

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Who declared that a wild night has to exist outside of your own living room? Indie-pop songstress Robinson knows that you don't need to start a tab at the bar to have a good time — not when you have a perfectly good couch and collection of friends to share your night with.
The singer's new single "Nothing To Regret" is an ode to staying up late with your best friends, sans any regrets — well, unless that one friend decides to ditch the party before everyone has successfully crashed. ("Come on, sugar, don't you leave early," Robinson croons in her latest track.)
The single has already earned its spot on Spotify's New Music Friday playlists in the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand — just in case you want to include it on your own weekend playlist as well.
As for the video? It's a fun celebration of these joyous nights in. Half the video takes place in the morning, where Robinson has fun all by herself, singing and dancing around her living room without a care. The other half shows Robinson, now rocking a smokey eye and a seriously amazing silver puffer jacket, cloaked in red and purple light, surrounded by her best pals and beer.
Why would anyone want to leave this party early?
Refinery29 spoke to Robinson about her fun new video, and what is inspiring her right now:
How did you come up with the idea for the video?
"Once we had written the song, I had the idea in my head that it would be kind of like a hyper reality. We sent it to different companies to come up with a treatment. We heard back from [director Morgan Gruer] and her team at Simian TV... She put forth this treatment, and it was just everything I had envisioned it to be. We didn't really correspond on ideas. I think she got a general feel for the song. What the video was ended up being how I envisioned it to be.
"The song is fun but there's also a lot of darker undertones about it... We got a lot of treatments that reflected [that darker side], but this one was just the most telling of the song. I think it fit the song the best and showed the fun side of it, and also I think it captured moments of the insecurity within it as well."
What inspired the song?
"When I wrote the song I was on a trip to New York. I have a lot of dance parties on my own when I'm really bored throughout the week. Working as a musician, you're on [a different schedule] from most of your friends. Most of my friends are all at [university], while I'm free all throughout the week... I think it's a song about living for the weekend and letting go of all the stresses and worries and just having a really good time."
There's a lot of dancing in the song — was that improvised?
"It was completely improvised. It's so funny thinking about it, actually. [Morgan] was like, 'Just dance around like you would at home.' I just get in this mood where I dance around my house, so I just did that in front of cameras and other people."
How did you find the people you party with in the video? Are they actual friends or actors?
"They are people we found over in Los Angeles, where we shot the video, and they are symbolic of wanting that company and wanting people around you. It was so nice meeting them on the day, that was so lovely, and we really all clicked. I hope it comes across in the video that we were all having a really cool time!"
You have such cool outfits in the video. How did you find those looks?
"We wanted something really youthful and really fun — this is kind of like a 'young blood' kind of song... I wanted to show that through what I was wearing. We worked with a stylist and she was amazing, we went shopping and she just nailed the look. She pulled out my 'space jacket,' and I was like, oh my God, in love. I thought it was amazing. There's kind of two looks, the daytime look, chilled out, my hair's up, and then the nighttime look with my bomber jacket."
What songs would you put on your own personal party playlist?
"My favorite song of the moment is "Best Friend" by Sofie Tukker... It's the coolest thing I've heard... That would be my number one dance track... I would definitely have some SZA on there, for chill party vibes. Kendrick Lamar. Something old school like ABBA."
What women in the music industry are inspiring you right now?
"There are so many women doing so many amazing things in music... I've been listening to a lot of SZA, and I think just the way she portrays what she wants to say in music is so beautiful. I'm really inspired by her and I think she's incredible... There's this artist named Agnes Obel who has a song called 'Familiar' which really hits a chord with me. I think it's so beautiful. She's amazing as well. I think people who are staying true to their art inspire me.
"Be yourself, and don't worry so much about what people are thinking of you and if they'll like what you're doing. Don't go with anything that makes you uncomfortable. Know that the right people around you will respect that."
Watch the video below:

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