A New Candy Museum Will Rival Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Photo: Courtesy of Sugar Factory.
Any candy-lover's ultimate afternoon outing would be one spent wondering around Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. And thanks to the Sugar Factory, a candy-themed restaurant and retailer that actually exists IRL, a new project give even Willy Wonka a run for his money. It was recently announced that this summer, Sugar Factory will open the first Museum of Candy in New York City.
Sugar Factory's 30,000-square-foot museum will be a grand attraction for sweet fanatics and Instagram enthusiasts alike. Sugar Factory founder Charissa Davidovici explained the idea was born after she and her team noticed that guests flocked to take pictures in front of the life-sized Candy Dot wall inside Sugar Factory locations. The Museum of Candy will feature 15 experiential rooms, each with its own candy theme. There will also be a dessert market place with over 20 vendors, a full-service restaurant, and an outdoor Sugar Factory café. Visitors will be invited to chow down on sweets, pose in front of the world's largest gummy bear, learn about the history of candy, and watch various treats being made.
With plenty of treats for guests' taste buds and camera lenses, Sugar Factory's Museum of Candy is not unlike the Museum of Ice Cream that was first opened in New York City in July 2016. Unlike, the Museum of Ice Cream, however, which was a temporary exhibit, open for just one month before moving to another city, the Museum of Candy will be a permanent fixture. Davidovici already has plans to open more Museum of Candy locations in other cities. She explained, "New York City is the perfect location to open our first museum, it’s the epicenter of entertainment — we can’t wait to share this concept worldwide."
The Museum of Candy will officially open this summer, so expect your Instagram feed to get taken over by pictures of giant gummy bears in a matter of months.

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