Ellen DeGeneres May Have Just Cursed Lady Bird's Oscar Chances

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If the Oscars were a sports game, we'd be holding up signs for Lady Bird. To be honest, we might even do that anyway, which is why I want to make sure nothing comes close to jinxing its chances come March 4. However, Ellen DeGeneres is playing with fire. The host had director Greta Gerwig, who also wrote the film, on her show on Monday, and asked her about life as an Oscar nominee, and whether or not she's prepared a speech for the moment she might accept the award for Best Picture, Best Director, or Best Original Screenplay (Saoirse Ronan has also been nominated for Best Actress and Laurie Metcalf for Best Supporting).
"I'll prepare something," Gerwig said. "But I'm also prepared for the fact that once you're up there I think it all kind of is overwhelming."
"Why don't you now just — look, I'm not saying that you won't win, 'cause I hope you do win," DeGeneres replied. "I don't even really remember who you're up against. Just practice now, because then you won't be nervous then. And we get to hear just in case."
Gerwig was rightfully hesitant.
"Does this feel bad? Like bad karma to do?" she asked as an audience member nodded in agreement.
"No, what it is is you're actually manifesting it," DeGeneres explained, but I'm still skeptical, even though she did say she'd macrame a replacement Oscars statue for the director if she ended up losing.
Luckily Gerwig didn't get far into her pre-planned speech before the talk show host gave her first hand experience with another iconic Oscars staple: music to play her off. The words "I'd like to thank" barely left her lips before the music swelled and DeGeneres cut her short.
That's okay, though, because I'd much rather watch the real thing when the Oscars are awarded on March 4.
Watch the interview below!
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