Grey’s Anatomy Doctor Says She Could Have Saved Jack On This Is Us

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Fans are still reeling from the death of ultimate TV dad Jack Pearson during the post-Super Bowl episode of This Is Us. While we knew the outcome from the beginning, we weren't ready for the unexpected way that he passed — dying from a heart attack brought on by smoke inhalation. Sarah Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy, though, is convinced her character could have saved Jack.
The theory that Jack could have been saved by Dr. Kepner was brought up by a fan, who tweeted that Drew's character wouldn't have missed the risks that come with spending too much time in a burning building.
"It's too bad Kepner wasn't #ThisIsUs Jack's physician bc she definitely wouldn't have missed his smoke inhalation," he tweeted, tagging Drew.
It wasn't just Grey's fans who thought Kepner could have saved Jack, Drew believes her character could have as well. In response to that tweet, Drew replied, "I was just thinking that when I watches that episode!! Brought me back to when April first got fired."
In season six of Grey's Anatomy, April, while still an intern, made a fatal error with a burn patient which eventually lead them to die the same way Jack did. An investigation ensued to determine why a patient could have died after being seemingly alright. April was deemed responsible and fired for neglecting to check the patient's airway for signs of smoke inhalation.
Wiser from her experience, Drew thinks she would have learned from that mistake and could have saved Jack. In fact, many fans of both Grey's Anatomy and This Is Us came to the same conclusion. "Didn’t TV doctors learn when April Kepner got fired for a woman dying from smoke inhalation?!" one fan tweeted.
Though, another person noted, "Jack would still be alive if he would’ve went to Grey Sloan Memorial," a fan tweeted. "Unless April Kepner was his doctor." Low blow.
Perhaps, Dr. April Kepner could travel back in time, crossover television networks, find Jack and correctly diagnose him? It would allow her to redeem herself and save Jack. After all, it is TV, crazier things have happened.
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