5 Alternatives To This Sold-Out Hair Mask

Photographed by Winnie Au.
You always want what you can’t have — especially when it comes to beauty products. That’s why we’re getting the inside scoop from your favorite retailers on what’s selling out right now, how to sign up for waitlists, and where to go to find the next best thing. Because if everyone’s buying it, you know it has to be good.
Even as beauty editors who test new products every single day, there are still some launches that we completely lose our shit over. "You said there's a Tom Ford bag in the mailroom? We'll be right down." A new Urban Decay palette? Our Kira-Kira+ apps are open and ready. Literally anything miniature-sized? The deadline can wait.
Then there are the other products that are perfectly nice, but don't trigger our cute aggression in quite the same way. Hair masks are one of them. We love them, we use them, but we don't get that excited when a new one crosses our desk — unless it's a refill of our go-to formula, which recently has been Amika's Nourishing Hair Mask. The rich cream is an editor favorite thanks to its potent blend of sea buckthorn extract, jojoba oil, and vitamin C. It seriously smooths and hydrates our parched, over-processed strands in just one use. And we're not the only ones obsessed with the stuff; consumers have wiped Sephora's stock clean in both the standard and mini sizes. (Those mini sizes, we're telling you...)
Thankfully the mask is still available on Amika's website, but if you missed your chance to buy it, keep scrolling for five alternatives that we also swear by.

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