These Tiny Hair Masks Look Like One Very Familiar Throwback

What is it about teeny-tiny products that are so irresistible? Nevermind that the contents amount to less than a single use — if a face wash, fragrance, or shampoo comes in fun size, we want it (if only for a day). The latest Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids beauty item that's triggering our cute aggression? Marc Anthony's hair treatments. The brand says they're inspired by K-Cups, but we're not seeing it: They look like old-school Play-Doh jars and we want to collect all the colors and combine them immediately.
The lightweight, miniature tubs fit in the palm of your hand and only cost $3 a pop, making them perfect for travel, multi-masking, or as a weekly treatment. There's one for frizz, one for curls, and one for growing out a bad haircut. Each one contains enough for two uses, less if your hair is long, thick, or curly.
Since I recently bleached my hair, I tried the one made for frizz for some much-needed damage control. If my regular conditioner is a glass of water after four tequilas, this is two Gatorades and a baconeggandcheese. Like a reset button for my ends, this stuff made every inch of my head nearly as soft as it was before I soaked it in peroxide. Was there a world of difference from any other hair mask I've tried? Not really. Was it rich, creamy, and cute enough to squeeze to a pulp? Definitely.
Marc Anthony Mini Miracle Treatments, $2.99, available March 2018 at Walgreens.

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