Riverdale Inspired A Makeover Meme & People Can't Get Enough

Never underestimate the power of Veronica Lodge. Two months ago — Riverdale season 2, episode 6, to be precise — Camila Mendes' haughty heroine said three words that would go on to inspire one of the biggest makeover memes of our time: "Karma's a bitch."
As Elle reports, the "Karma's a bitch" quote made a big impact in China, where it's been turned into a hashtag accompanying geek-to-glam makeover videos. Here's the drill: The meme involves a person first addressing the camera in their Sunday-vegging-on-the-couch best (think glasses, zit cream, PJs, and even fake wrinkles). Once the "Karma's a bitch" line is uttered, they whip up a blanket like they're David Copperfield, and voilà! Suddenly they're all dolled up and dressed to kill, with Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" playing in the background. It's basically the plot of She's All That told in condensed 15-second videos.
What does it have to do with Riverdale, or karma, for that matter? We're still trying to work that one out, but honestly: Ours is not to question why. Ours is to blow an entire afternoon and two-thirds of our phone battery on one captivating makeover montage after another.
As you can see, the most extreme (not to mention extra) transformations make for the best viewing. To those who blacked out teeth, did a little method acting, dug out costumes, and enlisted your younger siblings: We salute you.
The makeover meme is no longer limited to China. Now that it's gained an international following, celebrities are eager to get involved. That includes actress Busy Philipps and writer Kelly Oxford, who spent hours perfecting their #karmasabitch close-up.
"This legitimately took us like 3 hours to figure out how to do but I feel like it was worth it if for no other reason than it was really fun?" Philipps joked on Instagram after sharing her contribution.
Not bad. Anyone else want to do this for their Grammy red carpet look? There's still time...

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