How To Get Away With Murder Season 4, Episode 10 Recap: "Everything We Did Was For Nothing"

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Previously on How To Get Away With Murder, Laurel's (Karla Souza) baby was held hostage by her father Jorge (Esai Morales), Frank (Charlie Weber) snapped Dominic's (Nicholas Gonzalez) neck before learning he had some sort of relationship with "Christophe," a.k.a. Wes (Alfred Enoch) and Asher (Matt McGorry) was arrested for attempting to kill Simon (Behzad Dabu), who, as it turns out, survived that gunshot to the head.
Lots of stuff, and, as per usual on HTGAWM, none of it is any good for our sometimes-murdery gang. Here's what dark shenanigans the Keating 4, Annalise (Viola Davis), and the rest of the group got into this week.
Will Frank, Bonnie & Annalise Get The Band Back Together?
Dominic's body is cold, but his cell is still blowing up in Frank's pocket. Frank won't ditch the phone thanks to that voicemail from Wes (hmm, why was Wes using the man who would murder him as a lifeline?) but he does dump Dominic's body in a junkyard. Using one of those apps that you only see on TV, Frank traces the calls coming into Dominic's phone to the Philadelphia district attorney's office.
Frank tells Annalise to go see Bonnie and apologize, considering she's the person who can actually help them with the district attorney. That leads to a particularly tense talk between the two women, who rehash every reason why their relationship is the most dysfunctional. Bonnie isn't "in love" with Annalise, in case anyone was confused by that confession last season — she claims that she loves her in a way that no husband or girlfriend could ever really understand — but that doesn't mean that the two don't have a lot of baggage to work out.
Later, Bonnie goes to the D.A.'s office and tells Todd Denver (Benito Martinez) that she scrubbed any evidence connecting his campaign fund to Antares and Jorge. About a second after Bonnie says "You're welcome," we see her back in her office, playing the recording of her convo with Denver. Yep: She certainly seems back on Team Annalise.
Unfortunately, it seems that Denver knows that, too. He gets into Jorge's limo and informs Laurel's father that Bonnie is the real problem here. Is anyone not in cahoots with Laurel's dad, at this point?
Oliver Is Simon's Guardian Angel & Conor Uncovers Something Big
Michaela and Asher may not feel too guilty over Simon's hospitalization, but Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) does — so much so that he hacks into the hospital's computer system to check Simon's vitals. He then visits Simon, pretending to be his boyfriend in what could be a While You Were Sleeping situation. Am I crazy to think Oliver could fall for Simon if he ever gets out of his coma? Because umm, I'm still firmly on Team Coliver.
Despite dropping out of law school, Conor is all-in on Annalise's class action lawsuit. While helping Conor find different subjects to bring to the stand (and eating pizza with Asher), Oliver finds a man serving a sentence for murder... named Nate Lahey. Yep, like their Nate Lahey — except, uh, not their Nate Lahey. Who is he, and why are we just hearing about him now? No idea! But very excited to find out.
Laurel & Michaela Battle Their Demons
Laurel is eager to get out of the hospital, and comes up with a plan to file the same motion her mother did when Jorge locked her away against her will. Michaela (Aja Naomi King) tries to help Laurel, but she's busy thinking about why her former internship boss Tegan (Amirah Vann) isn't answering her texts. Of all the things that Michaela could be racked with guilt about, Tegan potentially losing her job at Caplan & Gold somehow ranks higher than, say, what's going on with Simon. Apparently, cover up enough murders, and your priorities get a little skewed.
Annalise tasks Michaela with finding out why Laurel really went into premature labor — Annalise isn't convinced that she didn't try to hurt herself or the baby and she won't help get Laurel out until she knows. Laurel confesses to Michaela that it was Frank, accidentally elbowing her, that triggered the labor. She tells Michaela not to say anything to Frank — it would kill him.
Frank really is at his best when he's killing other people.
Michaela... doesn't keep that promise. While imploring Annalise to get Laurel out of the hospital, Michaela lets it slip that Frank's fight with Conor (Jack Falahee) caused him to accidentally elbow Laurel in the stomach. Ultimately, Isaac (Jimmy Smits) helps Laurel get out of the hospital and away from all that red gelatin she and Michaela were mindlessly consuming.
After dropping that bomb, Michaela finds Tegan and apologizes. She doesn't know why Tegan is protecting her regarding the Simon incident. Tegan reminds Michaela that she is acting far more stupid than she is — they are all in danger, and Tegan is saving herself. She tells Michaela not to contact her again, which, uh, is probably for the best, right?
Someone also making unwanted contact? The person continuing to call Dominic's phone. After Annalise and Frank play Laurel the voicemail from Wes, the phone rings again. Laurel picks up, despite Annalise and Frank's protests, and simply answers with one word: "Mom?" !!!!!

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