Nacho Fries Have Officially Landed At Taco Bell — Here's What You Need To Know

Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell.
Today is the day the internet has been waiting for — or, at least those of us that don't like compromising when it comes to our fast food orders. Taco Bell has officially launched its new menu item, Nacho Fries. The release comes several weeks after the chain first announced what it referred to as "the most-anticipated menu item release of the year" in early January.
The now-available $1 Nacho Fries are like regular fries except that they're dusted with what Taco Bell has dubbed, Mexican seasoning. Depending on how you order them, the fries also come with a "dippable side" of nacho cheese. If you're up for something a bit more involved, however, you can order the Nacho Fries as Supreme or as Bell Grande, which will come with the same nacho cheese, plus beef, tomato, and sour cream.
We had a chance to try the creation, and there are a few things we'd like you to know before rushing off to your nearest Taco Bell location — although, according to Twitter most of you are already on your way over, which we get.
First, let's talk about the cut of these fries. The well-seasoned fries are cut fairly thick, which we think is a major advantage, even if you're typically more of a shoe-string fry lover. The thicker fry allows for a generous amount of nacho cheese to be picked up with each and every dip. Plus, if you're going to Bell Grande route, you'll want something that can handle all those toppings.
As for that "dippable" nacho cheese side that comes with each basic $1 order of Nacho Fries, we recommend mixing it with a packet of whichever hot sauce you like most: Mild, Hot, or Fire. The saucy addition simply provides an extra kick of heat.
Lastly — and most importantly for those who thought this invention was going to be the same old thing we've seen at every fast food chain — Taco Bell chain will not be offering ketchup now that it's serving fries. Don't worry, though, if you follow our dip pro-tip above, the classic condiment will not be missed.
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