This Tweet Just Caused Serious Controversy Because Of A French Fry Ranking

Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a serious food controversy shake up Twitter, and if we're totally honest, after several consecutive weeks of feuds involving pizza — whether it should be dipped in milk, if pineapple belongs on top of it, why you should never carry one on its side — this was welcome break. But, now Twitter users are at each others’ throats once again thanks to someone who merely decided he would rank all the different cuts of French fries.
Yesterday, a user known online as @tallmaurice sent a tweet out into the Twitterverse that showed exactly how he feels about every French fry cut. At the bottom of his seven fry cut list was crinkle, and that was followed by curly. You may already feel yourself disagreeing, but this is just one person's opinion so we urge you to keep calm and read on. Steak, waffle, and wedge took fifth, fourth, and third place, respectively. Second best, according to @tallmaurice is shoestring, and he placed regular fries in first. Are you writing your angry response yet?
If you immediately felt the need to reach out to this Twitter user and express your complete and total disagreement, you are absolutely not the only one. The tweet has received 165 comments from people who find his opinions baffling and upsetting. Specifically, people really had a problem with where he placed curly fries on the list.
Others seem to be offended by the fact that @tallmaurice didn't include potato chips, sweet potato fries, or tater tots in his ranking, but he quickly clarified that he was specifically looking at cuts and those fell into different categories.
As much backlash as the Twitter user received for his controversial tweet, it's important for us to point out that the tweet did receive over 1,000 likes, so quite a few people may have agreed with his ranking. And, even if we don't agree with those 1,000 people, we have to admit, it's pretty amusing to see another food opinion shake up Twitter yet again.

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