Annalise Learns The Truth In This Exclusive Clip From HTGAWM

How To Get Away With Murder's winter premiere picks up right after November's dramatic (even by Shonda Rhimes' standards) last episode. Luckily, this clip appears to pick up right where the Keating 4 left off: a shooting, a secret, and Laurel's emergency. In the clip, Connor gets a call from Michaela, who is, understandably, a little on edge.
"I am the one who saw Simon's head explode," she cries. "If anyone gets to lose it here, it's me. So just calm down. We're going to find Laurel, get Asher out of jail, everything is going to be fine."
"You're delusional," Connor retorts, before accepting a call from Annalise Keating herself, who thinks she knows everything, but both of them are about to learn way more than they bargained for.
"Hey, you might want to sit down for this," Connor warns, but Annalise cuts in with the news that she literally just delivered Laurel's freaking baby and saved its life.
"I found her in my elevator, she almost bled to death," Annalise says.
"From what?" Connor asks.
"I don't know you were all with her."
"I wasn't when it all went down," Connor admits, before revealing the shooting that the Keating 4 just lived through that led to Asher's arrest. If Annalise has a plan to turn things around, we'll have to wait for tonight to hear it, since the clip cuts off right before Connor finds himself in yet another perilous situation.
While we may not know what's ahead for the Keating 4, we do know that, somewhere, somehow, Olivia Pope will find her way into this mess. Or maybe vice versa, since ABC and Rhimes have officially confirmed a HTGAWM/Scandal crossover episode. Until then, you'll have to keep up with this mystery one episode at a time, starting tonight when HTGAWM returns on ABC at 10 p.m. EST.

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