Demi Lovato Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Swimsuit Instagrams

Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images.
Demi Lovato is done with anyone who thinks they have the right to say anything about her body, she said in an interview on Monday's Ellen DeGeneres Show.
"I’ve been working on myself for the past year, more so than I’ve ever worked on myself," Lovato told DeGeneres, who brought up the topic of the swimsuit pics she's been posting of late. "I’ve really surrendered to the process of just learning to love yourself, and I feel like it shows through my pictures. I post more bathing suit pictures online. I want to show my fans that it’s possible that they can get to that self-love too.”
The singer has been public about her eating disorder since she went to rehab for it in 2010, and last year she gave fans a more in-depth look at her struggle in her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated. But even now, Lovato continues to fight the voice in her head that says her body isn't good enough. That voice tried to speak up when she was deciding whether to post a photo of herself in a strapless one-piece.
"I actually was very hesitant about posting that because I didn’t love my legs in it," she said. "You know every time you look at a picture of yourself you critique it. I'm a perfectionist. I decided to post it anyway because I thought, ‘You know what, it’s me, it’s who I am and I love my body, so I’m just going to post it.’ "
Since she posted it on January 4, the photo has received 3.3 million likes and counting. That kind of popularity means she has to contend with some of the internet's less supportive elements. Lovato's philosophy on how to deal with those trolls is something we could all use.
"I’ve taken away the power from the negative comments and the haters by not listening to them," she said. "If I do see it, I just feel sorry for them, because who leaves a negative comment on somebody’s profile on the internet? You have to be kind of sad to do that. I’ve taken away the power, and it just feels great."
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