FYI, David Harbour Has A Girlfriend

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David Harbour, star of Stranger Things, has a girlfriend, as evidenced by his appearance at last night's Critic's Choice Awards. Harbour won the award for Best Supporting Actor, and, on his way to the stage, stopped to kiss a blonde woman. The woman is Alison Sudol — this is information Refinery29 has acquired via some snooping on Getty Images — she and Harbour have gone as a couple to the last three red carpets he's attended. Harbour's off the market, just, you know, FYI.
Neither Harbour or Sudol have appeared on each other's Instagram feeds, which is odd for Harbour, who's a bit of a social media supernova. (Ask me about his tbt mashup photos after class.) Nor have they publicly addressed their relationship. (Reporters, ask the important questions! Pry into this man's love life!) Nevertheless, there are photos of the two of them together available for purchase, and we now have a video clip of Harbour going in for the "I just won an award" peck. (See below.)
As for Sudol, this is what my sources (erm, the internet) have told me about her.
She starred in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as Queenie.
She's also a musician! She used to perform under the name The Fine Frenzy, although she renounced the name in 2015.
We will see Harbour again on Sunday, January 21 at the SAG awards. Harbour is nominated once again for Stranger Things in the category of "male actor in a drama series." He lost the Golden Globes (grrr), and won the Critic's Choice (hoorah), which means the SAG just might be within his grasp. And, if he wins, he might actually thank Alison Sudol in the speech, in which case we can really declare him as a non-single person.
And, for what it's worth, Harbour's speech at the Critics Choice Awards was quite good, despite its length. More speeches from David Harbour, please!
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