Margot Robbie's Honeymoon Story Sounds Like The Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had

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It's not every day that you run into Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, and President Barack Obama. For most of us, that day will never actually happen. Margot Robbie, however, has the best story of her awkward encounter with these three stars — and it involves her husband, Tom Ackerly, in very short shorts.
Robbie, who reportedly married Ackerly in December of 2016, went on The Ellen Show to share her hilarious honeymoon tale — which just so happens to also be the story of how she first met the talk show host. During their belated post-wedding vacation in Tahiti, Robbie and Ackerly decided to hit the gym, despite Ackerly not having the proper attire.
"[Tom and I] get changed to go to the gym, and Tom puts on these shorts that are the oldest gym shorts, and they’re tiny, and they’re like really short, and there’s nothing underneath," the I, Tony star told the audience at The Ellen Show. "So he gets on this bicycle to ride and I was like, 'Whoa!,' I was like, 'Babe, you can not wear those shorts! You know, I can see everything.' and he was like, 'Come on, who are we gonna run into?'"
Alas, fate had a plan for the newlyweds — and it involved seeing DeGeneres, her wife De Rossi, and a certain former President on the treadmill.
"I was already starstruck," said Robbie. "And then, [Ellen] was like, 'Have you met Obama?' We're like, 'What?' And standing next to them, is former President Barack Obama."
Unfortunately for Ackerly, he had to struggle to, umm, "cover up" for the rest of the time at the gym — which included a stretching class.
"Tom is trying to lunge cross-legged, and Obama is climbing over his legs to put his weights back," the actress joked on the show.
Running into Obama, DeGeneres, and de Rossi at a gym in Tahiti, while your husband attempts not to flash everyone in his tiny shorts, sounds a lot like a fever dream I've actually had.
The situation may have been just a teensy bit awkward for the couple, but damn: It's a story for the ages.

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