Meryl Streep Has Been Nominated For So Many Oscars She Can’t Remember Them All

There's no question that Meryl Streep has had a prolific Hollywood career. Her film roles range from the singing lead in musical comedy Mamma Mia! to famed newspaper publisher Kay Graham in 2017's The Post, and nowadays, it's rare to find an awards show that doesn't boast Streep in its list of nominees.
The actress knows she's scored quite the number of nods during her decades onscreen, but if you were to ask her what those nominations were for — well, let's just say her own awards show history is a little fuzzy.
In a new interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the talk show host asked Streep to start naming the movies which earned her Academy Award nominations. For the record, the actress has a whopping 20 nods, three of which had her taking home that little gold man — but Streep doesn't even come close to naming them all to Kimmel.
"I can't even remember last Thursday," joked Streep as she struggled to name the many movies on the list. (Meryl superfans, mind you, will have this list committed to memory.)
Ultimately, Streep is able to conjure up the names of only a fourth of the movies that earned her Oscar nods — and even forgot that it was her performance in the Deer Hunter which first scored her a place in the Academy Award nominees club.
Check out the video below:
I am always here to run through Streep's filmography, but I do wish that certain Oscar games were a little harder to play — like, say, a game in which we name the number of women who scored Oscar nods for directing. There are only four women who have ever been nominated in that category, with Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow the only one to have ever won said award.
Streep deserves all the recognition in acting, but while she can boast 20 nods, there are plenty of women who are shut out of these award shows entirely. That's one thing we definitely should commit to memory.

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