Who Needs The Met When You Have A Justin Bieber Museum?

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How now! What news?*
This news: There will soon be a museum exhibit dedicated to the musical artist Justin Bieber. As per Page Six, the Stratford Perth Museum in Ontario will debut a piece titled Steps to Stardom on February 18, 2018.
According to the museum's website, Bieber's family and Bieber himself collaborated with museum curators for the exhibit. In addition, residents of Stratford, Bieber's hometown, have donated items from the pop star's childhood that might now be considered invaluable. The site lists items such as hockey jackets, drum sets, and team pictures. The museum also notes they have a pair of running shoes in the exhibit. (Presumably, they are Bieber's shoes. Or shoes that Bieber has worn running. Who knew he was a runner?) The exhibit will be on display indefinitely. So, no need to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which recently changed its pay-as-you-go pricing policy — we have better museums to attend.
Justin Bieber lived in Stratford for most of his young life. That's where he recorded the videos that would eventually be picked up by manager Scooter Braun. At 13, Bieber recorded his first demo with Braun, and the rest is history. If you want to experience that story in a more palpable way, scoot on over to the Stratford Perth Museum after February 18.
This has been a big year for Bieber, who has been clambering back atop fame mountain ever since some tumult in 2015. Most notably, he's back in the arms of Selena Gomez. The couple were photographed together leaving a pilates studio just a couple of days ago — Bieber was drinking a green juice! — and a few rabid fans are convinced Bieber is about to propose. A museum, a green juice, and a fiancée: Now that's what you call a 2018 glow-up.
*In Act 1, Scene 7 of Macbeth, Macbeth asks his wife, "How now! What news?"
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