Why Are The Academy Awards Called The Oscars?

Photo: Steve Starr/CORBIS/Corbis/Getty Images.
So much hype surrounds awards season every year. Which film is poised to take Best Picture at the Oscars — the most artistically worthy, or the most culturally important? Which Best Actress rivalries are gearing up? While the specifics of the awards seasons are always different, the general energy of excitement and passion surrounding the shows is the same.
So it's easy, amid all this debate and emotion, not to pause and consider the basic question behind the Academy Awards: Why are they nicknamed the Oscars? And why, for that matter, are the Emmys called the Emmys? Why is anything called anything?
We answered the question of the origin stories behind each award show name. Listen up, because these are the things you need to know before playing HQ.

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