This Woman Didn't Fall For Her Prankster Boyfriend's Real Proposal

You've heard of the boy who cried wolf. Now meet the would-be groom who almost played himself.
As ABC News reports, Chris Morley's proposal to girlfriend Chelsea Newble didn't go quite as planned, and he has his pranking past to thank. Because Morley has a history of pulling practical jokes, Newble wasn't really buying it when he dropped to one knee during a trip to the Santa's Enchanted Forest theme park in Miami, FL on Christmas Eve.
In a video that's since gone viral (it has 11 million views and counting), Morley can be seen holding out a ring while an incredulous Newble repeatedly asks if he's serious.
"He's playing, right?" she asks the person filming the romantic scene. "I don't like jokes, y'all."
Newble can be seen choking back tears as she continues to question the proposal, all the while threatening vengeance if it turns out to be an "April Fools." Eventually, she accepts Morley's insistence that it's a genuine proposal and the couple embrace.
The husband-to-be later posted footage of the proposal on Facebook, joking, "that moment when your girlfriend [is] used to being prank [sic] by you but you are dead ass serious!"
It's not the couple's first lighthearted proposal. Newble told ABC News that Morley had already popped the question with a Blow Pop ring at the movies, which is why she was taken aback by his amusement park stunt.
"I actually wanted to do it before we started to get on all the rides because I had the ring box in my pants and it was bothering me the whole time I was on the rides," Morley explained. "But I ended up forgetting about it. We were getting ready to leave and she really wanted a funnel cake and I just decided to do it."
Here's hoping that they serve funnel cake at the wedding — and that all those loved-up jokesters out there think twice about pulling one too many pranks on their partners.

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