This Reboot Is Proof We're One Step Closer To A Friends Reunion

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Mad About You might be coming back to the small screen.
According to TVLine, producers of the NBC show, Sony, are in talks with the show's co-stars, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, about a limited-run reboot of the '90s sitcom.
The original series was about a newly married couple in New York City. The potential reboot could reconnect fans with the now not-so-newlyweds as they get ready to send their daughter Mabel off to college.
This isn't the first time we're hearing about a Mad About You reunion, though now, it's more than just a rumor. While doing press for his role as Department of Energy executive Sam Owens in the second season of Stranger Things, Reiser hinted at the possible return of the famous sitcom.
It seems like everyday there is talk of bringing one of our favorite '90s TV shows back. An updated version of Will & Grace is back on the air. Netflix gave us the Tanner family 2.0. with Fuller House. Showtime returned fans to the weird world of Twin Peaks. Clearly, nostalgia sells, and people want more of it. (Just last week, fans were calling for a remake of The Nanny starring Cardi B.)
Does this mean that we are one step closer to the ultimate '90s show comeback? I am, of course, talking about a Friends reboot — which seems only appropriate given Mad About You's possible return.
As fans of both shows know, Lisa Kudrow's Friends character Phoebe Buffay is the twin sister of Mad About You's Ursula, who works as a waitress at Riff's in the sitcom. Ursula crossed over to Friends multiple times over the show's 10 seasons — so why not hold out hope for a Friends reboot?
The cast of Friends have been asked many times over the years whether they would be open to a reboot or if they thought one could possibly happen. Marth Kauffman, the show's co-creator, has given an emphatic "no" to the answer of bringing back the show; however, the cast has been less definite in their answers. Matthew Perry, aka Chandler, raised the concern of not wanting to ruin the otherwise perfect ending to the show that aired in 2004.
We waited patiently for seasons and seasons for Ross and Rachel to get back together, I think we have proved that we can wait a while for a reunion. This would be the one time we could hear "We were on a break," and it would be a good thing. Meanwhile, we can await the revival of Mad About You as we fall back in love with Will & Grace.

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