The Internet Really Wants Cardi B To Star In This Classic '90s Remake

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From Will & Grace to Roseanne, beloved '90s shows are coming back to our screens, and Twitter has decided which one should be next. They want a remake of the sitcom The Nanny, but with one major change. They want Cardi B in the starring role.
The show follows Fran Fine who, after being fired from her job as a cosmetics salesperson and dumped by her boyfriend, becomes a nanny to the three children of a wealthy, English widower in New York City. Over time, the two fall in love. It is almost like The Sound of Music except, instead of Julie Andrews captivating the viewer with her singing, it is actress Fran Drescher making them laugh with now-iconic lines and hilarious antics. It ran for six seasons before eventually being taken off the air in 1999.
It appears that this call to remake the show fronted by Cardi B came about after the chart-topping singer made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Her outfit and hairstyle are reminiscent of Fine's sense of style on the show.
The look clicked, and that was all internet needed to run with a campaign to remake The Nanny starring Cardi B. "Imagine a recamp of The Nanny with Cardi B as Fran," wrote one user. "I give my whole-hearted support to her starring in the nanny remake. NBC, pull out the green light," tweeted another.
The Queens-born Fran Fine is gregarious and funny, frequently getting into trouble and forced to use her street smarts to solve the problem. Cardi B could definitely fit the bill. She is outspoken and quick to make any audience laugh.
Reboots are all the rage right now in television. When creators of the show, Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson, were asked earlier this year by Australian news and entertainment website whether they would ever reboot or remake the show, they had a few conditions. "We wouldn’t do it for the money. We would do it because we cracked the code on how to tell the story 20 years later," said Drescher, adding that she sets a very high standard.
Fans online have proven they have some great casting suggestions when it comes to remakes of classic television shows and movies. After all, it was in the corners of Twitter and subReddits that Oscar Isaac as Gomez in The Addams Family was first suggested.
It looks like the internet could have another hit idea on their hands.
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