This Teen Romance Is Part Fault In Our Stars, Part Black Mirror

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Being a teenager is hard enough, but what happens when you're a teenager whose consciousness hops into a new body every 24 hours? That's the dilemma for the protagonist at the center of upcoming romantic drama Every Day, and it's basically what would happen if you cross an episode of Black Mirror with The Fault In Our Stars.
According to Deadline, the new film is based on David Levithan's best-selling novel of the same name, and tells the story of the romance between Rhiannon (portrayed by The Beguiled actress Angourie Rice), and a mysterious spirit named "A." The interesting part? A occupies a different person's body every day, meaning that Rhiannon interacts with a multitude of A's "hosts."
A can embody a person of any gender or body type, but there are "rules" of this kind of host hopping: The person A is placed within must be their own age, and physically near the last host. A's presence is unknown by the friends and family of the host, which means that whatever the plan is for that person, on that specific day, A is often obligated to go along with.
That proves to be a problem when A is put in a body of a young man whose family is traveling far from their love Rhiannon. If A goes on vacation, the next day, they will be stuck with a new body — one that might not return to Rhiannon's hometown.
Check out the trailer below:
The idea of placing one's consciousness in a new vessel is one toyed with in many Black Mirror episodes, including the Emmy-winning "San Junipero." In that season 3 episode, two women fall in love as 20-somethings in a simulation their consciousness was uploaded to after their death. In Every Day, the idea of a consciousness that isn't fixed seems like more of a fantastical situation.
Still, the movie does ask intriguing questions about how we fall in love. Can we stay just as infatuated with our significant other if they take on multiple new forms? I'm hoping, at least for Rhiannon, that the answer is yes.
Every Day hits theaters on February 23.

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