Watching Justin Bieber Decorate His Christmas Tree Is Mesmerizing

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When you hear the song "Jingle Bell Rock," what do you immediately think of? If you're like us, you immediately think of the Plastics from Mean Girls dancing in scandalous Santa outfits at their school's talent show — and Gretchen Weiner's snafu when she broke the CD player.
Well, it's time to replace that pop culture moment with a new song, because Justin Bieber has just posted a time-lapse video of himself decorating his Christmas tree to "Jingle Bell Rock," and it's every bit as fantastic as you think it is.
For starters, Bieber is completely shirtless. We only get a few glimpses of his tattoo-covered chest, sadly, not quite enough to make out any detail. But we can tell that the tattoos don't extend beyond his shoulders onto his back — for now.
Also, please note that he is wearing pleated khakis to decorate his Christmas tree. A far cry from his usual denim jeans that are so distressed, we wonder how they still function as jeans. Bieber is khakis is screaming "look, I can be wholesome!," and we love it so very much.
As it is a time-lapse, we can't get the best detail, but it is fun to see him hang up his string lights and ornaments. He also does some quick silly dance moves, so we recommend hitting the space bar to stop the video in order to catch him at peak weirdness.
The "Sorry" singer has been playing around with videos on his Instagram since coming back from tour. He just posted two videos of himself in a dance studio practicing some moves to Ed Sheeran tunes, which makes us wonder if he's got a new project in store, or just wants to perfect his dance skills. Either way, we will take all of the Bieber videos he wants to give us.

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