Jimmy Kimmel's Son Helped Out With His Monologue Last Night

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Jimmy Kimmel brought his son Billy on stage for his monologue Monday night. Billy has been the fixture of Kimmel's show for the past six months, ever since he was diagnosed with a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia — in May, Kimmel opened up about Billy's health in a heart-wrenching monologue that went viral. With the monologue, Kimmel, who is usually an apolitical late night host, suddenly became one of the foremost critics of President Donald Trump on late night television. (At least according to the New York Times.) Billy is at the center of Kimmel's rise to political prominence, but the infant has yet to appear on Kimmel's late night show. Monday night, Kimmel held Billy close to his chest as he addressed the crowd.
"I was out last week because this guy had heart surgery," Kimmel explained in the opening of his monologue. "But look, he's fine! He may have pooped, but he's fine."
In Kimmel's absence last week, Chris Pratt, Tracee Ellis Ross, Neil Patrick Harris, and Melissa McCarthy all stepped in as guest hosts. He will likely have to step out again when Billy undergoes yet another surgery. Since Billy was diagnosed, Kimmel has been using his son as a way to discuss healthcare accessibility. His monologue in May centered on the Affordable Healthcare Act — for which enrollment ends on Friday. Monday night, Kimmel focused on the Children's Health Insurance Program.
"It covers around nine million American kids whose parents make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but don't have access to affordable coverage, which means it almost certainly covers children you know," Kimmel said during the monologue. "About one in eight children are covered only by CHIP." The host explained that funding for CHIP is in jeopardy as Republicans focus on churning out their tax plan.
"This happened because Congress about 72 days ago failed to approve funding for CHIP for the first time since it was created two decades ago," Kimmel said. "This year they let the money for it expire while they work on getting tax cuts for their millionaire and billionaire donors."
According to NPR, Congress let the program expire on September 30. In 2016, CHIP cost only $15 billion.
Kimmel closed his monologue by asking viewers to call their representatives and ask them to take a minute to renew funding for CHIP. Meanwhile, Billy, who just had surgery, looks like a peach. (Kimmel also cried during the monologue. I defy you to watch the full clip and not weep as well.) Watch Kimmel's monologue, below.
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