In The Battle Between Eleven & Matilda, There's An Easy Solution

The internet just realized that Stranger Things' Eleven is basically just Roald Dahl's titular character in Matilda on a particularly twisted timeline and now they want to know which of the girls would win in a fight.
Silly Twitter users: Don't they know that these two would be all the more powerful working together?
The controversy was first reported on by BuzzFeed. On Thursday, a tweet began circulating that pitted Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven (a.k.a. Jane) and Mara Wilson's Matilda against one another.
"Who would win? Matilda vs. Eleven," Twitter user @_DJRocklee posed on the social media platform.
It's a hard question to answer. Both are beloved icons with telekinetic powers, and they tend to use their powers to accomplish similar goals. Matilda uses her skills to get books off of a high shelf. Eleven uses them to turn on the TV when Hopper takes it away. Then there's the more important things they use their gifts for, like taking down the villains in their life. Matilda drove the murderous Ms. Trunchbull out of town, while Eleven sent the Demogorgon back to the Upside Down.
Thousands of commenters weighed in on the debate, each giving their own reason for choosing a side to root for. (Is Eleven stronger because she defeated an interdimensional being? Is Matilda the champ because she's had more time to hone and control her powers?)
Ultimately, there's only one real answer that matters — and it comes from Mara Wilson, a.k.a. Matilda herself.
"Matilda and Eleven would choose not to fight, and would instead become friends," tweeted the actress, who, in 2016 became a published author with her memoir Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame.
The official Twitter account for Stranger Things' home, Netflix, seconded that notion:
"Obviously they would both team up and defeat evil together."
The Stranger Things account threw a confirming GIF into the equation.
Matilda and Eleven fighting over anything other than, say, the last waffle or the final copy of a library book is ludicrous. (And even still, I'm sure they would split the waffle and hand off the book chapter by chapter.)
While I'm not here for this Eleven v. Matilda: Dawn of Justice situation, if anyone wants to make a spin-off about these two as future BFFs, sign me up for seven seasons.

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