This Woman's Hilarious Yoga Fail Is Going Viral

For better or worse, the world of yoga has gotten increasingly more epic. While we used to just have vinyasa, or hot yoga, or aerial yoga if you were really adventurous, yoga goers nowadays are attending goat yoga, and naked yoga, and even drunk yoga.
The main goal behind all of these themed-yoga classes is clear: they're doing it for the 'gram. It may have been the same goal that landed one woman literally in (probably cold) water when she attempted to do a fancy yoga pose on a log over a river earlier this year.
Instead of a perfectly posed photo, Chisa Tolbertson, a 22-year-old musician from Denver, posted the video of her yoga fail on Twitter back in May, but it recently became popular when she posted an updated "redemption picture" on a rock in the same river.
In case you can't already guess what happened, watch the video below:
Unsurprisingly, plenty of people have taken the moment to laugh at Tolbertson for her yoga fail, but she's not too torn up about it and is able to laugh at herself, too.
"I think you're living life a little wrong if you can't find any room to make fun of yourself every once in a while," Tolbertson tells Refinery29. "So once I saw how miserably I had failed, I myself had a good hard laugh over it (something about a near death experience makes the little things that much funnier)."
Of course, the fall wasn't all fun and games. Tolbertson said in a tweet that she definitely feared for her life when she first fell into the water. "I was afraid I was gonna get knocked out on a rock or impaled on something underwater Tomb Raider style," she wrote. But she wasn't seriously hurt, and said that she laughed harder than she ever had before when she finally made it back to her car.
"The only injury I really got was a bump on my head from hitting it on a rock and a few scratches on my back," she says. "But the most painful thing by far was breaking off the fresh set of acrylic nails my friend had just done for me as a gift. I can imagine a bunch of guys rolling their eyes in response to that, but honestly that's up there as one of the most painful things I've suffered."
What's more, she's using her new-found fame to follow her music dreams and maybe gain a new fan or two.
For anyone out there wondering, she absolutely will continue practicing yoga — she clearly has been, since she took the redemption photo in which she nails the wheel pose.
"I love being outside since I'm fortunate enough to live in a place as beautiful as Colorado," Tolbertson said.
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