This Beauty Fail Will Give You Bad Bangs Flashbacks

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Social media is a beautiful thing. Thanks to Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, we have no shortage of hair inspiration. Want to try out a new way to braid your hair? You can find dozens. Want to find the perfect ombré to show your stylist? The internet has you covered. There are more hair and beauty tutorials than time to try them all, but for every tutorial there is an epic fail video.
And that's this one, where a woman attempted to cut her own bangs using an electric razor. Based on her facial expression from seeing the aftermath, it doesn't seem that she achieved the look she was going for.
The video was posted to the Instagram hair page @respectmyhair, which shows what happens when trendy turns treacherous.
In the video, a woman is seen holding a section of her hair to give herself bangs. (We've all done it, even if just to see what bangs would look like.) With the section combed forward and measured to the desired length, the woman proceeds to use an electric razor to cut her hair.
Above the video is the text, "I wasn't expecting that end result!" I'll admit, when I saw this I, too, thought it could work. It seems simple, right? There are videos out there of hair stylists successfully cutting hair with an electric razor. But this is not one of those times.
What resulted were arched bangs that were too short and sticking straight out.
This failed razor cut bangs tutorial is giving us major flashbacks to the last time we spontaneously decided to cut our own hair. We've all been there: You see a tutorial online for how to cut your own bangs or add your own layers. It seems easy...almost too easy. And then the thought crosses our mind, "I could finally try out those bangs I've been debating without having to book an appointment with my stylist." Our pair of spare scissors calls to us from the bathroom drawer whispering, "It'll only take 5 minutes. You'll have a whole new look. You know you want to..."
Even as a frequent self-stylist, I can't help but cringe every time I see a botched haircut attempt. Will it stop me from doing it? Probably not. Will it make me think more carefully about trendy techniques for cutting my hair? Most definitely.
It just goes to show, even if you follow the tutorial closely, it doesn't always turn out the way you planned.
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