Let Jake Gyllenhaal Whisper Your Worries Away

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If you love Jake Gyllenhaal and ASMR, then you've come to the right place.
In a recent interview with W Magazine, Gyllenhaal popped bubble wrap, did woodwork, and clicked a camera as a part of their celebrity ASMR video series. Even if you aren't into ASMR, it is still Jake Gyllenhaal whispering sweet nothings into a microphone, which you hear through your headphones. So it's basically Jake Gyllenhaal whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is a tingling or static-like sensation people can experience in their brain and scalp from hearing a whispering voice, quiet repetitive sounds, or watching someone do a mundane task. They've become increasingly popular online, but this is the only one that can boast Jake Gyllenhaal.
Not everyone experiences the tingling sensation you can get from watching ASMR videos. Either way, it's still a very satisfying watch. What's not to like about Jake Gyllenhaal half-laughing as he talks about how he spent his morning? "I woke up and I had no text messages 'cause I have no friends," Gyllenhaal quietly jokes. "And then I looked at my emails and sure enough, they were empty. And then I sort of sat there alone for a while. Then I came here to be loved."
Gyllenhaal plays around with an old film camera before briefly trying his hand at woodworking. He admits that woodworking is not really a strong suit of his, then confesses a secret love that those of us who enjoy building IKEA furniture will understand: "I just like building tables," he adds.
The highlight for Gyllenhaal seemed to be the bubble wrap, and we don't blame him. Popping bubble wrap is super satisfying. But the highlight for us is this video even existing in the first place.

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