Sorry Vine Lovers, That Reboot Isn't Coming Anytime Soon

Update: May 4, 2018: Hopes of a Vine reboot were dashed today, when co-founder Dom Hofmann took to Twitter to announce "postponing the V2 project for an indefinite amount of time." Hofmann, who teased a second take on the original viral video sensation in December, cites financial and legal fees as the cause for the postponement. He says he's also working on another early-stage company that requires funding and time.
Hofmann encourages users to try other Vine-like apps — Oevo, for example, lets you create seven-second videos — and says any future updates about V2 can be found on its Twitter account.
This article was originally published on December 6, 2017.
It's been said many times, many ways, but it bears repeating: 2017 was a wild year. Through the good and the bad, we've learned a lot about who we are as a society and as individuals. Some, like Taylor Swift, have launched total rebrands. And it's not just people pressing restart.
On Wednesday, Vice's Motherboard reported that Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann announced that he was pulling a Swift and bringing his beloved social media platform back from the dead as "V2."
Last week, Hofmann teased the announcement by tweeting that he was "going to work on a follow-up to vine" that would be self-funded "as an outside project, so it doesn't interfere with the (quite exciting) work we're doing at the company."
It's been over a year since Twitter, which acquired the original version of Vine back in 2012, killed off the video-sharing platform that gave us cult-favorite clips such as this adorable toddler experiencing the most intense sugar rush of her life and this dog killing it on the cowbell.
Yes, we could have used more of these easily consumable and shareable videos to help combat the less-than-stellar moments in 2017.
So far, Hofmann hasn't released any substantial information about what users and viewers can expect, although the Vine Beta Twitter account confirmed the format will accommodate six-second clips and may have a live feature. The account has also shared beta codes with some followers, allowing access to all of the "new upgraded features."
Twitter users don't seem to mind the deficiency of details at all. Right now, they're just thrilled that the upcoming year will be contain a little more levity and, for some, a shot at finally becoming a Vine star.
Do it for the Vine, y'all.

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