Black Mirror Is Here To Make Sure You End 2017 Even More Terrified

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Prime/Netflix.
If it feels like the wait for the next season of Black Mirror has been way too long, fear not: it will be premiering very soon. How soon is soon? This month, actually — Black Mirror will drop on Dec. 29. 2017. And Entertainment Tonight has some more crazy details about the beloved anthology series that will make your head spin. Let's dig in.
First off, season 4 will be comprised of 6 episodes, each following the previous seasons' standalone format. One of the great things about Black Mirror is its immediate accessibility — you can put on any episode from any season and not worry about a story arc to follow, making it a great show to put on when no one can agree on what to watch.
Second, one episode will be 76 minutes long, making it more of a feature. It's called "U.S.S. Callister" and reminds us a lot of Star Trek. We already known that one episode, "Metalhead," was filmed in black and white and revolves around the search for a dog that is less man's best friend and more Ed Kemper. Another episode, "Hang the DJ," tackles dating apps and love as only Black Mirror can — by making it feel like a highly-controlled process narrated by a robot.
The trailer for season 4 also dropped, and while it doesn't give much away, it is filled with imagery that is as unnerving as it is exciting. Set to "What a Wonderful World"by Louis Armstrong, we see flashes of someone dismembering a body with power tools, a device with a sad face on it, and lots of shots of people crying in the face of danger and loss. If that's not the perfect allegory for 2017, we don't know what is.

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