Black Mirror Is Taking On Dating Apps & Everyone's Freaking Out

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Prime/Netflix.
We are on high Black Mirror season 4 alert, because we think its release is imminent — especially since we already got our first look. Netflix has given us two trailers for upcoming episodes in as many days, meaning we are finally getting new episodes of the dystopian bizarro world that, well, we are finding it harder and harder to distinguish from our own reality.
In the trailer for "Hang the DJ" (a reference to the song "Panic" by The Smiths) we see a young couple having a dinner on what appears to be a first date. They are both holding a talking device that apparently tells them their "expiration date" as a couple, and they sadly only get 12 hours to spend together. "It is a bit short, isn't it?" the woman asks.
With only 12 hours before their relationship expires, they have to pack a lot of excitement into that time frame. We then see them ride off together and pause over a hotel bed, seemingly wondering if they should hop in the sack. "Define: go at it," says her device, when she asks if they'll get to, well, go at it.
And like all of us, the gentleman smiles ruefully as he attends a friend's wedding that got married on the device's app. "It really does work!" they giggle, while the rest of us try to suppress our gag reflex.
It's a short trailer, but it packs in a lot of questions. Namely, does the couple fall in love because they know their expiration date? Would they have fallen in love without it? Do they live happily ever after or appreciate their brief moment in time for what it is? We don't have a release date, but as soon as it drops on Netflix, we'll let you know, so you can fire up your TV and spooky candles.

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