Black Mirror Released A Preview Of Season 4 & We Are Already Horrified

It's kind of a shame that the new Black Mirror trailer didn't drop on Black Friday, but whatever — it's the day after and we're too haunted by what we've just seen to be all that nitpicky about marketing strategies.
Though Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for season 4 of Charlie Brooker's terrifying-meets-thought-provoking technological discourse, fans just got their first look at one of the series' six new episodes. Let the goosebumps begin.
The episode "Arkangel" has an impressive pedigree. Jodie Foster directed it, with Rosemarie DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married, La La Land) in the lead role. The trailer is very ominous to anyone who has a child, plans to have a child, or expects to be in the presence of a child sometime in the near (faux-utopian) future.
DeWitt plays the loving mother of a cute little blonde kiddo. Everything's going fine until the little girl disappears for a hot second, prompting Mama Bear to take extreme measures to ensure her daughter's safety. That involves a sterile, suitably creepy lab and a needle being inserted into the child's forehead. What could possibly go wrong?
"The key to good parenting is control," the trailer's tagline warns. Just ask Joan Crawford.
So, place your bets now. Is this a tracking device situation? Does the injection turn this cutie pie into Damian from The Omen? Will DeWitt's character rue the day she turned to technology instead of buying one of those kiddie leashes like the other helicopter moms? At least one of the answers is a definite yes.
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