Mariah Carey's Accidental Optical Illusion Leaves Fans Befuddled

Photo: Dave M. Benett/VF17/WireImage.
It's Mariah Carey season everyone! Don't pretend the world hasn't had "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on repeat shuffle since mid-November, this is the time of year when we celebrate the magic of Mariah.
And beyond those trademark pipes, Carey spins other kinds of magic, according to Cosmopolitan. What kind? Invisible chair kind.
See for yourself in the video below. Carey stops a concert for a few minutes to sign autographs for fans, and in the clip you can see she takes a seat to do so. But what is she sitting on? No one knows. NO ONE.
The replies to the tweet featuring the video are just as confused as you are.
Some posted jokes, because Twitter always has jokes.
Sharing an image of a woman with a magnifying glass, this person tweeted, "Wait where's the chair lol."
Another wrote, "She made a perfect right angle. Queen of Trigonometry."
This fan thinks it's all in the money.
Some just wondered: How?
Naturally, someone had to credit her pose to exercise, which means Carey must be a power house in the gym.
Others thought the diva was perhaps perched on a secret seat, and provided GIFs as evidence.
However the elusive chanteuse is keeping balance, she – per usual – has people talking and tweeting.
Smart move on her part.
The singer is also trying to keep the holiday joy going and just dropped her newest festive single, "The Star." And, according to Rolling Stone, the silky ballad will appeared in an animated film by the same name, which was released on November 17 of this year.

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