Fergie, Armie Hammer & Tom Ford Just Had The Most Peculiar Evening Together

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
I'm not quite sure what exactly happened during Sunday night's TrevorLIVE L.A. Gala, but it involves Fergie pulling a Kanye and taking the mic from Armie Hammer on stage. Let's try to make sense of it together.
A number of celebrities gathered at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to honor Tom Ford as a Trevor Project Hero at the annual event. Hammer, who played Hutton Morrow in Ford's 2016 film Nocturnal Animals, took to the stage to introduce the director, but things quickly got off track.
"I am grateful to be here supporting Trevor and what they are doing for young people in the LGBTQ community," Hammer said in his speech, according to E! News. "I am here tonight to talk about a man whose life embodies what it means to change perceptions, to shadow stereotypes and provide a new perspective of hope."
But then, Fergie walked on the stage, which...may have been planned? But also may not have been?
"Oh, yes!" he said once he saw her. "Ladies and gentleman, Fergie!"
"No, I'm not Fergie; I am actually Armie Hammer. Thank you. I am going to win at the Academy Awards. Thanks!" she joked while taking the microphone. "So, this is unexpected, and in typical Tom Ford style, I think he would love that."
She went on not to explain what was going on, but to talk a bit about Tom Ford and bit more about her new song "A Little Work."
"Thank you so much!" she ended her speech, going back to pretending to be Hammer in order to welcome him back to the stage. "Welcome, everybody, Fergie!"
"If I had a nickel for every time that I was confused with Fergie..." Hammer joked, resuming his original speech but doing nothing to explain what just happened. "Tom is truly a gifted man and is refreshingly grounded; this I can confirm. His confidence and strength are an example to us all. He is a role model, an inspiration and a luminary lighting the way for others to follow."
Ford had equally kind words to say to Hammer, calling him "one of the most empathetic men that I know. Really, thank you. Our friendship means a lot to me. Thank you."
Whatever went down, it sounds nice, and I guess that's all that matters.

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