This Black Mirror Episode Is The Opposite Of "San Junipero"

As Black Mirror gets ready to drop its fourth season on Netflix, fans have been treated to trailers for the individual episodes we can expect of the technology-focused anthology series. On Sunday, the series debuted a trailer for "Metalhead," which could very well be its most disturbing episode yet.
Yes, that's saying a lot. And no, you probably shouldn't expect any Belinda Carlisle tunes in this episode.
A unique feature of "Metalhead" is its look. Unlike the Emmy-winning season 3 episode of the series, "San Junipero," which had a brightly colored '80s aesthetic, "Metalhead" is dark, moody, and shot in black and white.
Though the trailer doesn't give too much away, the episode appears to be about a woman who has accidentally found, and then lost, a dog. Alas, A Dog's Purpose this is not: The woman in question is terrified of said dog, whom, she tells an anonymous person over her walkie talkie, she believes to still be "operational."
Given that the thread between all Black Mirror episodes is the potential hazards of the advancement of technology on human society, it's quite possible that this dog is the titular "Metalhead." Perhaps, in the episode's black and white universe, dogs are not man's best friend, but something more sinister. It's possible that they have had some sort of technology implanted that makes them threats to humans — hence the reason why the woman in the trailer uses something as technical as "operational" to describe said beast.
Check out the teaser below.
The poster for "Metalhead" is almost as unsettling as its trailer — and it's also in black and white.
"We found a dog at the warehouse," the official show account tweeted, along with the promotional poster for the new episode.
The release date for the new season of Black Mirror has yet to be revealed, but it can't come fast enough. And when it does, episodes like "Metalhead" will surely haunt us for months afterward.

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