Chelsea Handler Doesn't Think Kate Middleton Knows Who Ellen DeGeneres Is

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Here's a fun game to play: Find a high-profile celebrity, and try to guess if they know another high-profile celebrity. This game comes from the podcast Who Weekly?, a program that devotes itself to celebrity culture, but Ellen Degeneres and Chelsea Handler played their own version of it on The Ellen Degeneres Show Thursday.
Handler asked Degeneres if she knew the royal family, at which point Handler decided that Kate Middleton probably doesn't know who the talk show host is. Degeneres is supposedly related to Kate Middleton, which makes this all the more insulting for Degeneres.
"I'm related to Kate Middleton, though, and she refuses to acknowledge it," Degeneres said. Handler pressed her for more information.
"Has she been on the show?" she asked.
"No! She won't even acknowledge that I'm asking her on the show. She's my fifteenth cousin, I found out," Degeneres explained. Then, Handler pointed out that Middleton might be ignoring the invites because she doesn't know who "Ellen" is. That is to say, she might not know that Degeneres is a celebrity.
"We can't just assume that the royal family is exposed to all the thing that we're exposed to!" Handler pointed out. This is a good point — we don't even know if they have wi-fi in Buckingham Palace. What if being royal means never going on the internet, ever?
Degeneres didn't help her case when she brought up Meghan Markle, the future princess who is now engaged to Prince Harry.
"That chick that's now engaged to that Prince Harry has met me before!" she said. Degeneres doesn't know who Meghan Markle is. Now, who's the internet-averse idiot?
Watch the full clip from The Ellen Degeneres Show, below.
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