This Meme Perfectly Summarizes How People Feel About Going Home For The Holidays

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One of the first questions people usually ask each other when they first meet is, "Where are you from?" The answer is never simple. Do you talk about where you were born, where you've lived the longest, or where you feel like you belong the most?
As many of us prepare to go home for the holidays, we start to give more thought to the place where we have roots — if we have such a place at all. And the perfect meme just popped up on Twitter to encapsulate that near-universal feeling of being "from" somewhere. "Me at home vs. me everywhere else" is straightforward: The template is, "Me at home: I hate this town. Me everywhere else: Don't you knock my hometown, it's the best place ever!" It perfectly illustrates the conflict between hometown pride and the desire to get out.
Refinery29 writer Andrea Gonzalez-Ramirez, who is from Puerto Rico but has lived in NYC for almost four years, says, "I think it really speaks about the feeling of being in the diaspora and how you sort of relearn to love the place you're from." Even if we no longer feel like we're 100% "from" our hometown, many of us are still asked to represent it all the time and that begets a special relationship with it.
Ahead, we asked a few R29 staffers to write their own "me at home vs. me everywhere else" memes.
It's really hard to hate on Colorado, so Jen's (and other Coloradans') answer was a little different...
Here are a few of the best ones we found on Twitter.
The meme started on November 19 when Twitter user @Jordank1230 posted his thoughts on being from Maryland, according to Know Your Meme. He tweeted, "Me in Maryland: this place is the armpit of America. Me anywhere else: I put Old Bay seasoning on EVERYthing. I learned how to pick crabs before I could walk. Our flag is so beautiful. I love the Chesapeake Bay. I have had sex with a blue crab." As you may have guessed, the tweet went viral.

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