Can You Guess The Top-Grossing Movies Of 2017?

How does one discern the quality of a movie? Is it in tickets sold, or in hearts touched? Is it in revenue, or in eyes gone bleary from crying? Well, there were some overarching themes to what made a financially successful movie in 2017, and it probably had nothing to do with hearts touched or eyes gone bleary.
Of the top 21 domestic grossing films this year (so far), 13 were sequels. Six were related to either the Marvel or D.C. Cinematic Universes, and Kong: Skull Island is part of a new universe. Though not all of the top-grossing movies are attached to the tendrils of a larger "universe." Get Out, Girls Trip, and Dunkirk are all entirely original, and they all made the cut.
So, without further ado, these are this year's blockbusters, ranked from highest grossing and down. The movies that audiences adored, even if critics didn't. The movies that everyone could talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner table this year. Can you guess which ones they were?
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