Alexander Skarsgård Is About To Give Us Major Justin Trudeau Vibes

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.
Break out those denim jeans and jackets, because there's a new movie about Canada coming to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Alexander Skarsgård has signed onto the cast of Flarsky to play the Prime Minister of Canada, who is described as "very handsome." Hmm, does this sound like someone we wish we knew?
It seems like Skarsgård's role will be inspired by the current Canadian PM, but he won't play Trudeau in any biographical way. For that, we'll have to wait for the inevitable biopic after Trudeau leaves office. We're hoping they won't forget to include that time that Trudeau built a pillow fort with a little girl.
The True Blood actor recently made headlines after he appeared in public with most of his hair shaved off. A very different look for the Nordic actor, to be sure, but we're, uh, relieved that it is just for a role. Skarsgård will be playing a high-stakes trader alongside Jessie Eisenberg in The Hummingbird Project.
For fans of Skarsgård's hair, you all can be pleased to know that he will most likely have to grow it back out in order to play the "very handsome" Canadian Prime Minister. And he has some time — Flarsky will be released in February 2019. We plan on seeing the movie with a Canuck pal who can explain all of the Canadian inside jokes to us during the screening.
The film also stars Charlize Theron, as the Canadian Secretary of State. Seth Rogan will lead the film as the title character Flarsky, a print journalist who pursues Theron. Randall Park, from Fresh Off the Boat, will play Flarsky's boss in the newsroom. Flarsky is described as a black comedy and will be produced by Lionsgate.

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