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Photo: Courtesy of Flyte.
Decorating with plants is having a moment right now. Thanks to a multitude of Instagram plant accounts and several budding online plant shops, more of us are dipping our toes in the metaphorical pool of indoor gardening. But just when we thought we'd jumped headfirst into the pool, there's something more. The coolest way to display your millennial greenery: levitating planters.
According to Mashable, Flyte is the Swedish home-decor company responsible for this desktop trend. And the "magical" flotation? It's all thanks to the beauty of science. Magnets located at the bottom of the pot and inside the base of the planter use a rotating mechanism to hold the plant in its floating position.
It might seem like the levitation is just an added design element, but it actually serves a very important function. The rotation provided by the magnets guarantees 360 degrees of sunlight for optimal growth.

#LYFE - The Levitating Planter is much more than just for air plants! ???

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Unfortunately, the cool aesthetic and rotating methodology come at a pretty steep cost: around $250 per planter. On the bright side, the methodology works for many different plant types: from bamboo to succulents and even air plants. So you can rest assured that the planter will work for whatever tabletop plant you're looking to re-home.
Turns out, Flyte isn't the only brand exploring floating horticulture. Levitating X, a company that specializes in various types of floating home decor, sells a minimal black planter with different-sized bases. Another company sells a much more affordable bamboo alternative on Amazon. And, just in time for the holiday season, a Russian company called Levitronica appears to sell bespoke floating Christmas trees.
If we could get a desk plant that satisfies our green thumb while simultaneously curing our random midday boredom, we're all for it. Bring on the floating plants!
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