7 Herbs That Will Make Your House Smell Great (& Just Might Be Magic)

Photo: Getty Images.
Whether you're looking for your next ritual charm or just something to brighten up your garden, the great, wide world of flora has something to fit your needs. Much like essential oils, herbs have both aromatherapeutic and magical properties. (And yes, quite of few them are tasty additions to a recipe.)
If you're ready to start practicing herb magic, we recommend use fresh leaves or drying them for use in sachets. You can hang these little bundles of good vibes around your home or sleep with them under your pillow to heighten your dreams. Of course, if you're beyond the beginner stages of spellwork, you can even try making your own essential oils for anointing purposes.
And for the lazy witches out there, don't worry: Just the act of growing these plants on your windowsill can imbue your home with their magical properties. It doesn't get simpler than that.
Read on to get acquainted with some of our favorite magical herbs and start planting and potting. Before you know it, you'll be a bona fide kitchen witch.

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