10 Cyst-Popping Videos You Will Never Be Able To Unsee

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Over the past few years, pimple popping has very well become a celebrated art form all its own. Searches for the spine-tingling video trend continue to skyrocket with each new one uploaded online — no matter how gory or downright disgusting they may seem. Everyone from amateurs to medical professionals alike have taken interest, and honestly, the fan base for this particular pastime sport isn't showing any signs of stopping soon.
Out-topping 2016, this year's lineup has featured more blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts than ever, which helps prove that our "addiction" is just as multifaceted as the skin concerns we seek to remove. Dr. Sandra Lee, a.k.a Dr. Pimple Popper, leads the pack with over 2.6 million Instagram followers and 3 million YouTube subscribers who tune in just to watch her zap zits. Talk about impressive!
If you consider yourself a fan and are looking for the absolute best pimple-popping videos on the web, we've taken it upon ourselves to do the dirty work and compiled a list of 10 top picks (pun intended). Ahead, indulge in the most extreme extractions worth your while.
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The latest upload by Dr. Sandra Lee features a 4-year-old cyst about the size of a large grape located on a patient's cheek. Using a sharp blade, surgical scissors, and tweezers, she successfully removed the mound of gooey gunk that was trapped inside.

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Sometimes, as Dr. Lee explained in this video, it's hard to estimate just how much "cyst content" one will find when performing an extraction. If that's not telling enough, click play to see for yourself.

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Cysts can form practically anywhere on the body. Yikes, not even the scalp is off limits!

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Without a doubt, 2017 can easily be dubbed the year of the unicorn. If we recall correctly, those magical little creatures were a trending beauty topic for a good three or four months before returning to their niche home. Likewise, here we have a popping video featuring a man who had lived with his very own "unicorn horn" for a whopping six years before visiting Dr. Lee.

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Cottage cheese fans, consider this your warning. You will never, absolutely never, look at a dairy product the same way again.

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Seeing faces in everyday objects is a common phenomenon thanks to how some of our brains work. These "faces" can appear in clouds, electrical outlets, the sides of buildings, and yes — even pus-filled cysts. Posted on June 27, Dr. Lee introduced pimple addicts to a particular looking cyst that looked like a sonogram baby picture and was filled with globs of grey pus.

Best moment: 2:15 - 2:25
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Arguably one of Dr. Lee's biggest pops to date featured a cyst practically as large as a bowling ball. Yes, you read that right. For just .99 cents, you can view the viral video on YouTube and support a few charities (the American Red Cross and The St. Bernard Project, to be exact) at the same time.
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Aside from scalpels and other similar surgical instruments, Dr. Lee also loves using a "punch tool" to remove cysts. The tool, which is shaped like a tube and cuts into the skin to create a circle, makes the process of pulling out pus sacs easier and faster. This video showcases a few of her most infamous "punch biopsies" performed back in 2016.

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Blackhead cysts near the eye can be especially tricky. As seen here, they have a tendency to fight back when attacked with tweezers.

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According to Dr. Lee, "a milium (single for milia) is a small superficial cyst formed in the top layer of the skin called the epidermis." These white little bumps must first be poked with a sharp, pointed blade or needle before being "popped" out. Watch and learn.

Best moment: 3:25 - 3:50
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